Lipspeakers are skilled professionals with excellent lipreading and English language ability. People with hearing loss are able to hire lipreaders for work, legal matters, medical matters, and other settings.

Lipreaders mutely repeat words said by speakers, by reproducing the necessary rhythm and phrasing of words to make it easy for a hard of hearing person to interpret. Body language and facial expressions also play an important function.

There are some lipreaders who are able to use sign language and fingerspelling, and if you book one, they may require a break every half an hour. They are skilled at two levels: level 2 and level 3.

Level 2 lipspeakers are not trained to work in big meetings or work environments where speed of talking is rapid.

Level 3 lipspeakers are able to thin down fast speech, and convey meaning without losing the gist of what was said.

If you require more information on how to book a lipreader, or how to become a lipreader, then visit the Association of Lipspeakers website.